Monday, May 30, 2011

My first post on my new blog...

For years I've been blogging on Live Journal but I've been wanting to move on to a different place. Somewhere new and more representative to where my life is now vs. where I used to be. Life is ever changing. I've struggled my whole life with that one concept. Change has always scared me and fear has often ruled my life. Yet I know that change is a part of the life cycle. I've come to appreciate its quiet majesty in the ways of nature. This love of natures beauty has often helped me by offering the peace and quiet of wind blowing through the trees. I can't tell you how many times I sat enjoying watching my mountain in Flagstaff. Yet life has moved on and here I am living in the desert in Tempe Arizona and it is so very different. The beauty here is so different. I found it yesterday in the gray streaked morning skies as rain danced down upon the dry dusty ground and I find it in the  desert flowers that are drying up now that summer has come. My favorites are the desert daisies and the California poppies. I just love their friendly faces. They make me feel just full of happiness and joy. I think these are the things I strive to have around me... things that bring me joy, peace, calmness.

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